Powerful and versatile.


The simulator can be used on any device with Java installed, creating opportunities for learning at home.


Rendered from CAD files, every device is an accurate representation of the real FRC hardware, with ports and LEDs.


A simple yet powerful user interface allows anyone to diagram a basic robot e-plate in only 15 minutes.

Winner of the Software Engineering Award at KLA RoboGames 2021!


Simulate wiring and devices

The simulation features allows users to check if components are wired correctly. If a device will not function properly, it gives the user the reason.

  • Detailed error messages for incorrect wiring
  • LEDs are simulated with different colors and blinking
  • Recursive checks to debug complicated CAN chains

Saving and Importing

All circuits can be saved to a file (often only a few MB in size), and these can be imported into the simulator again later, even if the simulator is running on a different device.

  • Students can share circuits with their instructors
  • Circuit templates can be stored for later use
  • Utilizes optimized saving process

FRC Components

All commonly used FRC components are included, including the PDP, RoboRIO, motors, motor controllers, pneumatics, etc. The full component list can be found on GitHub.

  • Accurately scaled to real dimensions
  • Clean device representations with ports and LEDs
  • Different cable types and gauges

Visit the Github for more information!

All code for the simulator is open source under GNU AGPLv3.

  • Open issues to report bugs and suggest features
  • Browse the codebase and view detailed docs
  • View the roadmap for future updates
View Github Repository


Enable hardware acceleration and run with a dedicated graphics card for optimal performance.
Please report any fatal bugs over on the GitHub!

Windows (.zip)

LWJGL v3 + JDK-8

MacOS (.pkg)

LWJGL v2 + JDK-8

Ubuntu (.deb)

LWJGL v3 + JDK-8

Read the instructions noted in the GitHub release specified for your operating system.

Universal binaries (.jar) and source code is provided in the release for other Linux distributionse.